Sunday, January 29, 2012

15 feet of post apocalyptic highway

Ok this is is what 15 feet of road sections look like all together. I never did a how-to on these, and honestly I dont think I will as this wasn't my most stellar of  projects. Dont get me wrong, I like the way these turned out, but they could have been better. Why? Well the main reason is the base. I based these on foamcore board and, try as I did to prevent it, some of them still warped. Iv'e been making terrain for 16 years now. I know better.  MDF should be the only thing you base larger terrain projects on, ever. Oh well, maybe some day I'll redo them ...


  1. This road makes me want to load up my post-apocalypse trucks with wastelanders and have a driving shootout.

  2. Thats what ihave in mind for it. Plus some Car Wars and Gorkamorka too!