Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Devils Work

There is a saying that the devil is in the details. Well after the amount of time and energy spent on these seemingly little "details" I can see why.
Lets see what we got (Sorry about the jumbled picture subjects, I just took them as they were sitting on my workbench):
Fire hydrants, straw bales and some fall decor;

Dumpsters, trash cans, a beverage counter and more fall decor;

Chairs couches, and ice cream cooler (unfinished) an arcade game and some diner booths;
Lastly, these are going to be the streetlights that will be at the major intersections. I built and cast these, filling in the light with a 5mm half round jewel. A completely unnecessary and fiddly process to be sure, but its these little things that will hopefully make this board an exciting backdrop to my games.
Thanks for looking, questions comments always welcome!
Papa Spanky

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First Deadzone test paint

I got in on the Deadzone Kickstarter a while back and received my package before Christmas. I finally got around to messing around with them a bit. The "restic" material they made these out of is a blessing and a curse. It glues well with superglue and is positionable with hot water. Cleaning flash off is nigh impossible though, as it can only be removed by cutting. Not scraping or sanding, but cutting. Sigh.
Anyway, I painted up a plague stage 3 as a test. I hate the bright purple pink they have as studio models and went with a more plagued look with greens yellows and dark reds.
He didn't turn out too bad, so I will keep with this scheme.

Comments welcome,
Papa Spanky

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Casting call

Remember way back when, I showed you some items I was going to cast? Well I did it finally. These are the simpler one piece molds, I will have some of the two piecers up later.
Couches, chairs, flat screens and computer monitors as well as trash bin lids and some pumpkins getting a paint job in the background. There are a few miscasts in there as well.
Till next time,
Papa Spanky

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hardware and Halloween

Despite not having posted a regular update, I have been pretty busy hobby-wise. Today I present to you the last three buildings for Gray Haven.

These are the "Value Hardware and Sporting goods" and "Halloween 24/7". Sorry for the bad pic, lighting was horrible and the flash ruined most of the others.
Anyway, the Hardware store is an Ameritown police station and the Halloween store is a converted Plasticville firehouse.
The front of the Halloween store with the giant spider decoration and the riot cop and zombie costumes on display. I sculpted the pumpkin for the sign and the foam scrapbook letters were placed crooked intentionally. (honest!)
Some of you keen eyes might have noticed the stop sign in the first picture. Here are examples of a few more.
I purchase these from Scale Like Industries, you can find them here:
They are really nice signs printed on thin styrene. A few words of caution working with them though:
-Seal them first if you mask them off for any reason. I ruined my first batch of these with a liquid latex mask when I painted the backs of the signs.
-Too much styrene glue will melt/ warp them. This could be good or bad depending on the effect you want to create.
What else? I have corn. Yep corn.
These will be combined with pumpkins and hay bails for fall decor around town. I had to spray these with Army Painter desert yellow because they are supposed to be modeled as a live crop.
On the actual playing games side of things I got a lot of games of Zombicide in with some co-workers, played a few games of Operation Flashpoint with the family.
 I picked up three copies of X-wing that were on sale at 60% off and will be posting about that, I will have some examples of my castings I finally did, and will post/talk Deadzone in the next few days, so don't touch  that dial!
Papa Spanky

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gray Havens Finest

I finished up the police officers the other day. I really like these models, my only complaint is they all have Corpral or Sergent stripes on the sleeves, and I had planned on painting one up as a Lieutenant to be the supervisor. I didnt notice this until I was sell underway painting. Oh well.
Two more buildings will complete this town, its taking me forever and I really want to get done.
Till next Time,
Papa Spanky

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Cemetery aka the zombie playground

So this is where the zombies are all coming from! I finally decided on how to finish the one short board edge for Gray Haven. I was going to make a separate board in the future that was just a cemetery, but this worked out nice to put it here. On with the pictures!

Here is the overview shot. Lets look at the details a little closer...
Zooming in a bit on the left side, we see the main concentration of dead folk. The tree is removable for storage, and the gates are magnetized for storage or when they get smashed down in-game by the undead hordes.
Zooming in more we see the detailed weathering on the grave markers. I make full size prop headstones for Halloween, and these use some of the same methods for painting, only smaller.  
Back out and move to the right, and we find the entrance, some more dead folk and the entrance to the mausoleum.
Here's the mausoleum and the back part of the property. About this part of the board: I put the power module for the lighted sign (seen in a bit) inside the mausoleum. I was going to run the cord under the grass, but had forgotten about the pumpkin patch the crazy old groundskeeper had planted. I had to put in a electrical "drop" over the patch. I tried to hide/integrate it the best I could, I think the crows help. Why is there a casket out back? Maybe the groundskeeper has his garden tools in there. Or fertilizer...
This is the welcome sign that sits outside the cemetery. It lights up, that's why I needed the power cord run. The little mound and rock is there just as a natural element.
I took these two shots to help if you needed a little perspective.
The Grass is teddy bear fur, all the leaves, bushes, and vines are Woodland Scenics products. I used lots of Sil-for clump foliage as well as dyed birch seeds. I picked up the walls and fence at Menards during Halloween last year. The pumpkins are from JTT, the headstones are from Renedra and GW.
Questions and Comments are welcome!
Papa Spanky

Monday, September 23, 2013

They're coming to get you Barbara...

I finished up my second round of zombies a few weeks back. There are 4 Zombiecide zombies and the rest are Mantic ghouls and zombies mixed. Everyone is painted the same dull tones as before, with exception for the Zombicide ones.Those guys will be "bosses" so I put a little color in these so they stand out a bit.

This is a group shot of all of my finished Zombies so far.

Tomorrow: Just where did these zeds come from anyway?

Papa Spanky