Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Frankenstation" my new painting desk

This is my new painting station, made from 90% recycled and scrap wood. It's pretty hideous up close and would make a real carpenter throw up in their mouth a little, but hey it's my monster.
Here it is with just the lights installed. They are painted pvc pipes, also recycled. 
The pipe up close.

And here it is naked during the build phase, when I originally was going to try to stain it.

Now to actually start painting miniatures with it. 
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Papa Spanky 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Double Trouble and bikers

Double Trouble, two buggies in 1/64 scale, painted up not at all like the ones in that really bad movie from which they modeled.

These three bikes are for my bigger scaled 28 mm games. 

I really liked how the blue one came out, but as usual it was my least favorite when I stated building these. 

Here they are harassing a poor duelist on a courier mission.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Car Wars in 1/64

As I mentioned in this post , I was bit by the Mad Max bug and have been sucked into the world of Hot Wheels conversions. Now, I'm not giving up my 28mm scale Car Wars. I am adding in another (sigh) layer of my hobby. So here are my first attempts.

The left one is a popular Hot Wheels car with the hittle rack removed and some Epic 40k bits put in its place. (My kids call them hittles, not missles. If you say you are shooting your missles, they will miss.) The right car is stock except for the paintjob and a piece of card to cover a keyhole launcher in the back.
These are Hot Wheels motorcyles thar are actually in 1/64 scale, unlike the ones that come in the blister pack. I don't know alot about them because i got them from a thrift store. The rear tire was a magnet. I guess they went with some sort of stunt track. I took the magnet out because they kept sticking together.

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Papa Spanky

New Car Wars motorcycles

Two cycles in 28mm or 1/48 or whatever scale you want to call it. They are both hot wheels. The green one was from a thrift shop, and I couldn't find much info on it from the inter webs. For game purposes, it will count as having an armored top. The red one is the Batcycle. I swapped his head and hacked off his cape. To cover the cape hack, I used a mantic deadzone bit to cover it and make it look like he has some type of armor. (Bullets are flying, after all.) I also used press molded mantic enforcer shields to add armor to the front.

Up close of the not dark knight.

And here are two wrecks I whipped up to use as cover or obstacles.
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Papa Spanky

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Long overdue Car Wars update

 With the release of Fury Road, PA gamers all over the world have been pulled back to their favorite of genres. I too could not resist the call after seeeing that movie, and while souring the net for all things with cars and guns, I noticed two things. First,  Axels and Alloys have an updated version of thier rules.
Second I missed posting some pictures of finished Car Wars cars I had posted WIPs of in this here blog. So Here ya go!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Deadzone Plauge and Mauraders

I finished up some of my Deadzone models pile the other day. All of the Plague are done...

as well as a few of the Marauders. I re-positioned the dancing Goblin to make it look like he is displacing from his hide in a rapid fashion. The cloak is still not finished on the leader; it will be finished with all the little unattached bits I have to paint separately.  

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Papa Spanky

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

WarGamer 30K

I just noticed I passed 30k worth of views, thanks everyone!