Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sci-Fi shanties (and a product review)

For a long time I've had an idea about creating a futuristic shanty slum. The concept is that cheap, modular, habs are shipped to planets for terra formers, miners ect. After a while, maybe  these clusters of temporary homes become abandon or forgotten due to the economy collapsing, or war or something else equally devastating. People start doing what they need to survive  and a sci fi slum is created. 
I sourced some recycled materials for the main body of the habs. Mainly dairy tubs that are square. For the details I Purchased several different kits in the "do it yourself" section over at Laser Cut Card. Great kits, I highly recommend them, but you'll see that in the pictures. I tried to keep them somewhat the same, i.e. modular, but make them look as he residents have repaired or personalized them over time. 

Some of the card details I made, and some are the "bonus" pieces you get from the Laser Cut Card kits. What do I mean by bonus? 

 These. These are the leftovers when you punch out the doors and windows. When you stack them and combine them with others they make great detail pieces. 
Here are a few more examples from thier door range, and their AC units.
Thanks for looking, comments welcome!
Papa Spanky


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    1. The kits a pretty awesome for the price. Card kits are highly underrated with all the mdf terrain out there.