Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More Car Wars (or Axles and Alloys or Dark Future or Outriders...

I finished up a some more cars for my PA car combat games. These are the smaller 1/64 or hot wheels scale.

This last one is the car that came in the Mad Max Xbox one game. It's got new wheels, a lift on the back and a repaint. 
Thanks for looking!
Papa Spanky


  1. Beautiful work! Love the reflection in the window on the red one - awesome stuff!

    1. Thanks! It was difficult because of the size and shape of the window.

  2. Hey PapaSpanky - With Owen Cooper's blessing, my small press game publishing biz is publishing a professional, US version of Axles & Alloys. I need high-quality minis photos and would love to license some of yours. Please ping me back at steve at steve bean games dot com.

  3. Hey "Papa Spanky" I'm trying again to reach you through comment since I can't find any other contact info for you on your blog. My name is Steve Bean. I'm the owner of Steve Bean Games, a small (VERY small), independent (VERY independent) game publishing company. My lead developer George Feldman and I are "evangelists" for Axles & Alloys in the Central Coast region of California. With Owen Cooper's blessing we're publishing a professional rule set in the US under the title "AUTO-DESTRUCT-O-RAMA!" We're looking for photos to license for the rule book and yours are pretty much the best we've seen. I'd like to license 10-15 of your minis photos at $20-$25 a photo. You can check me out on the web and see my currently published products at www.stevebeangames.com. Please email me at steve@stevebeangames.com or Bean965@hotmail.com or call me at 831-334-2154 and let me know if you'd be interested in getting paid to see your photos in print! Steve

  4. Hey Spanky Great stuff!!

    Question: how did you change the tires on the last vehicle to bigger ones and still have them fit?

    Hit me at jgarrett123@hotmail.com if you would with ANY tips & tricks on building these outrider hot wheels cars.

    Thanks Big Time
    John G

  5. whoops sorry guys i've not tended to this blog with my computer in a while, mobile doesnt tell me there were comments waiting. I will get back to each of you.