Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gray Haven board and building progress

I've been brought low with a nice summer cold the past few days so I thought I would take some time to do some much needed progress updates. 

An aerial shot of all three boards together. From here you can see all the drains, sewers and weeds I added, as well as the no parking zones.  

A closer look at the grass median. The trees are real branches and the bushes are Woodland Scenics HO trees. The grass itself is fake rabbit, or teddy bear fur, first seen here . I finished it off with Silflor grass clumps for weeds and fall colored scatter from Woodland Scenics.
Jones and a PT Cruiser face off. My money is not on the Cruiser.  
Another view of the median, I like this shot.

A detail shot of the median, and one of the original drains that made it onto the board. 

Damn Porsche drivers think they can park anywhere...
Just because.

And now its onto the buildings. 

Here is the Post Office, almost finished. I'm waiting on some acetate for the windows and door. It has a decent interior, I'll show it off when its final. 

Progress shots of the police and fire stations. I made the roof of the PD with watercolor paper. 

The back of the PD and FD. I attached a plasticville firehouse to the back of the police station to give it a little more depth. The garage doors will be used as the sally-port for the prisoners. 

 An overview of everything as it is so far. The area behind the PD/ FD will be an open fenced area with maybe a radio tower in it or parking. The other areas are still open for building suggestions. Obviously a gun store is a must. I was also thinking of a small market or convenience  store. I will show off the Hydracorp building at the top later. 

Thanks for looking, questions and comments always welcome!
Papa Spanky


  1. Really nice, makes me think about building a city.....

    1. Thanks! Go ahead it fun, but it is a lot of work. You are building a city after all.

  2. Really darn good looking. Is this 20mm?