Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hydracorp office building

I finished this the other day: The Hydracorp building.
 Hydracorp is a highly secretive multi-billion dollar company. So when they bought and renovated an old office building in a small mid-western town, no one knew why.  Hummers, equipment for the local police department and millions to the local chamber of commerce each year guarantees  no one asks.

For those that don't remember, this building started out as a collapsible storage crate from the dollar store.  If you are interested in the progress how-to shots, just look at the office or building tags. Why Hydracorp? Well, every time I finished a detail on this build, two more things needed to get finished. I felt like I was fighting a mythical Hydra.

 Front and back shots. I lined the windows and front door with frosted vinyl file separators.
The back door opens. It was a pain to do, but it works.

This is the second floor office cubicles. I say this building is done, but it really need furniture and decor. That I will add over time, but for now its game ready. 

The second floor lifts off to show the... empty first floor! At least you get a good shot of the backdoor and the stairs.

The outside sidewalk and lawn. The tree and bush are removable for storage. I tried to get the tree to look like it had that landscape ring cut around it to hide that it was on a base. I used herbs mixed with PVA to make the mulch.

I'm pretty happy with this build, even though it was a lot of work.

Any questions or comments? post em!
Papa Spanky


  1. That looks absolutely fabulous. With some furniture, it would be perfect. Very cool sir. Very cool.

  2. That little green crate has gone a long way to become an awesome looking office building. Really exceptional work worth every bit of time you've put into it.

  3. Stunningly superb, Hydra it may have been excellent it is. You must be really pleased with the finished results

    1. Thank you, I am. But there is always more to improve on it...