Sunday, January 27, 2013

Im coming (back), and hells coming with me...

or just a zombie horde. That look like hell. OK so they are not that bad, but I'm getting ahead here.
 Sorry for the lack of updates but when life goes up against blogging and hobbies, life wins, every time. It sucks, but that's the natural order of things. I wont bore you with the details though.
 So here it is, my craptastic first zombie horde:

To be honest, they are exactly as I expected them to be and I'm really actually happy with them. The craptastic part is the fact that they are made up of GW and WF zombies, and the GW ones were originally done a long time ago for Necromunda. Some of them still have weapons. (I let the one guy keep the second edition Ork pistol on purpose, he earned it)
 As individuals, most of the models are pretty bad. But as a horde, they make a great character. To me the zombie horde has always been the character, not so much the individual zed. I painted them (with help from my daughter)  with that in mind, sticking to 4 colors and a wash.

It also will help me differentiate survivors from zeds more easily, as the survivors will stand out more.

Speaking of survivors, I got  a few more to show ya. 

I didn't give these any names yet, and I dont think I will. These fellers will be part of my "catch all" group of models that will fill in when I need thugs, gangers, protesters or any other nameless fodder in a game. 

Till next time,
Papa Spanky


  1. Good looking bunch of survivors and "extras".

  2. Mission accomplished. The horde looks like a horde and the survivors stand out. Looks good to me. Nice to have you back.

  3. Nice work, the horde is amassing together run away!!

  4. Very inspiring! I wish we start a zombie project in our LGC sometime soon.

    1. once you start you cant stop, like potato chips

  5. I think you're right, a zombie horde is better defined/viewed as a HORDE, not as individuals, so i wouldn't sweat the individ zombies much. looks good as is!