Friday, April 26, 2013

Wargames Factory Apocalypse Survivors: The Men Review

I ordered a box of these directly from Wargames Factory last week, and here is a quick review of them.

I built one up to see how they look. Now, looking at the website and comparing the model parts that are in the box, there are some arms that obviously go with some bodies. There are also some that should go with some bodies. The beer gut body in flip flops should go with the arm holding the beer, (can) but the arm isn't quite big enough. I put it on anyway. I mean come on a PA survivor swinging a machete holding a beer while wearing flip flops and a backward hat- that's good stuff right there. Really they don't look that bad, and it probably the worst body/arm match-up in the box.  

From left to Right: Copplestone Castings, Tactical minitures, GW, Wargames Factory craptastic zombie, Wargames Factory Survivor, Copplestone Castings on washer base, hunger games clix, Reaper Chronoscope. 

OK now for a size comparison. As you can see, they fit in nicely with the selection of models presented. I raise or lower my model height using different bases, so for me there is fudge room if needed. 

Cool stacking design

Besides stacking cool, there is a ton of great stuff in these sprues. Guns, guns and more guns. If you see the pictures on the website, there are AKs, ARs L8s (?), some kind of machine pistols, a couple of shotguns,street sweeper shotguns, and hunting rifles. You also get a lot of pouches and ammo packs, However, there are no separate pistols, and only one holster per sprue. Also of note is the extra chainsaws and arms holding the bible.

So these models are everything I expected and a little more. Worth the money? Absolutely. I see a lot of good combinations that can be built with lots of extra parts for conversion. These are exactly what I imagine suburban commandos will look like when the zombie apocalypse happens. I will find lots of uses for these guys and probably will get some more.

I hope this helps you,

Papa Spanky


  1. Nice one. I can't wait until payday to order mine.

  2. I suspect many of us will be buying this set for all the extras.
    Good review

  3. Nice review, think i am pretty much sold now.

    I mostly have fantasy minis and these will be a great way to get my mini collection bulked up for PA/ZA games :D

  4. wow thanks for the size comparison picture showing the different figure lines! Really helpful. I hope others follow your example when writing reviews. Nice Job :)

    1. Thanks! It was not an original idea though. Ive seen other do this for comparisons and its helpful.

  5. I just ordered some of these guys. I expect to get them any day now. Thanks for the review!

  6. Nice looking figures, a great and original blog too, love the "CARnage in the Canyon- AAR with Axles and Alloys rules" post!