Thursday, July 11, 2013

Municipal buildings

These are what have been holding up most of my building progress for the past few months.

The Gray Haven Fire and Police stations. First the fire station- Its scratch built (still only 90% finished) and was a bit of a pain. The roof paper shrunk and warped the corrugated plastic I used for the roof. Making the roof removable was tricky; I didn't want it to have an obvious seam. I also "guesstimated" the entrance door size, and made it too big. The garage door does "roll up" and that's cool.
Then we have the Police station. This too had roof warping problems that took forever to figure out. The roof was based from card stock with shingles cut from watercolor paper. The paper shrunk after painting, and I had to straighten and re-enforce it with wood. The main building is a Plasticville Police station Glued to a Plasticville Fire station. The fire station doors became the rear "sally port".

 This is the inside view of the firehouse. Its still missing things like hoses and ladders, modern 1/4 scale fire hoses seem to be in short supply, so I'm making my own. I also am working on the sign for the parapet wall in the front.

 The front of the PD has the watch desk and the main desk...
while the rear has the lockup an processing. Its still a bit sparse, but furniture is slowly making its way into town, so you might see things in later posts or battle reports.
The cell is made from this  Fencing.

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Papa Spanky


  1. Very realistically looking buildings. And I like how the painting of the buildings looks.

  2. Super job on these. They are both excellent ;o)

  3. Good looking buildings.
    Warping is an eternal problem with just about everything I make too.

    1. Theres a MDF board section that goes behind these for a parking lot. It warped too!