Monday, June 15, 2009

Your still working on that?

Yes I am. Sad I know. Been working on a milliion non- game projects lately, but I did find some time to do some more painting on my Stompa.

This is the finished fully weathered close combat arm. Although after looking at these pics for a while I think I need some dark circular scrapes on the round blade. Ok so its 99% finished now.

Here he is with most of his pieces on. His head, upper cc arm and gun arm are only about 50% finished. Speaking of his head...

Here it is! I really was pleased with the way the eyes turned out.

Two more shots showing the weathering/ rusting that I've done with this guy so far.

Questions, comments?


  1. Awesome looking stompa so far. The colors, shading, and rust looks awesome.

  2. This stompa is great!
    I like the paint scheme and the weathering is first class!
    Good job.