Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter Fire Warriors

I finished up My first full squad of Fire Warriors last night, and they sport the winter camoflage of my meager army. I know it seems timely painting winter themes and all, but this poor army has been sitting on my paint shelf since the Tau frst invaded the 40k universe.

I didn't like the blue skin the studio painters use, so I went with a paint scheme more on par with the movie Alien Nation. (Old Shatterhands uses a similar scheme, Probably where I got the idea.)

Anyway, enjoy till next time,



  1. Nice! I like the way you paint your white. You should do a tutorial on it man...

  2. these look great. I love the high contrast between the flesh tone and the light colored armor!

  3. These are quite simply the best Tau I've ever seen. I want a force of Tau now...

  4. Really want to paint my Tau white, it looks so good. Love the skin tone and effects too!