Monday, July 25, 2011

Wrecked Cars

Tis been a long time since my last post, sorry life just gets in the way. Anyway I have been working on some other games/ figures/ terrain, other than strictly 40k stuff. My latest has been wrecked cars for modern/ future war games. Most of these were wrecked because they were either too big or too small scale-wise. not really suitable as main focus model, these do just fine as background terrain.

Ok this first group I did years ago, but I thought
I would inclue them to show how my painting has changed/ progressed.

This is one of my more recent wrecks, seems to be more realistic.

These two were weathered using a 2 part rust effects solution. While time consuming and hard to master, this technique seems to provide the most realistic rust. (probably because it is actual rust)

These three are just more filler; generic wrecks that can be used in anything from zombie games to road warrior style games.
I have some more coming, as well as a small tutorial on how to make vacuum formed copies of cars and terrain.

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