Monday, February 6, 2012

A warehouse, a roof and names

As I mentioned before I was planning on making several different buildings with the plastic crates I found. The second building I made is a warehouse.

The front doors will work; the roll up door will not. There will be a billboard on the wood frame thats on the roof, advertising the business name. I haven't decided between "Broken Things Shipping" and "Welos -Yerstuf Shipping" (think about it). If you have a suggestion for a name, throw it up in the comments.   
I re-did the poop brown roof on the Earlier posted Hydracorp Building. I think it looks waaay better. Oh yeah, I decided to call this building Hydracorp, because it seems that everytime I finish one detail on it, two more pop up needing my attention. Just like the mythical Hydra. Heres a shot of the finished front door. No, it doesnt open like the back door. I got a bit lazy.
I began work on some vehicles and the actual street level on my town. I figured since this town will hopefully be the backdrop to many a great battles of zombies, monsters, street gangs and the like, I should name it. So My daughter and I have settled on the name, Gray Haven. If its a haven for people, zombies  or gray aliens remains to be seen.
Thats all for now,
Papa Spanky


  1. The warehouse looks great so far, for a name how about "Ownlee-Drahpedet-Wunce Shipping".

  2. I like that, it's turning out well......

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  4. The warehouse looks great, and using the fold up crates as a basis is a novel idea. I have been looking for some new ideas for terrain. Thanks for the inspiration