Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Un- shiney new cars

A little update on my town-
I added a few cars to populate the streets of Gray Haven.
The regular cars were weathered and sealed with matte clearcoat. For me the matte finish seems to go better with the scale.
The police cars were total repaints with custom rub on star transfers. They say Gray Haven Police, but it didnt photo well. The humvees were just re coated after the star was applied.

All for now,
Papa Spanky


  1. Nicely done so do you just add matt varnish to take away the shine off the paintjob or do you dirty up first?

    Just wondering how they take to paint from the box

  2. Most get dirtied up first, I wash down the shiny paint with alcohol as a prep before I do anything to them. Some do need a matte coat first, as they just wont take paint otherwise.
    Thanks for posting!