Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Streets of Gray Haven- 1st board section

I got a little more work done on my town of Gray Haven in the last few days. This is the first board section; right now three are planned. The base is a 2'x 4' Homasote board. I bought a bunch of it a long time ago when it was dirt cheap. Now that its considered a trendy green material, the cost has risen to the lofty heights of all things green. Bah.
I used 5/16th" rolled cork to make the sidewalks. I experimented a bit with the best way to put in the crack lines.  I tried cutting out individual blocks and giving the edges a slight bevel, vs cutting in the groove with a wood burner. The wood burner is easier, but the individual blocks has the best look. I'm still undecided on which I will use in the other boards.

The roads are drywall compound smoothed over the Homasote in the areas where the roads go. Curbs are thin strips of cork with one edge rounded.

Stormtroopers keep watch on a traffic stop. These guys will end up as part of my Monster Hunters International squad in the future.
In these pictures you can see how the buildings fit into their locations and the bases fit nicely against the sidewalk. I will make other "scenery" that will use the same footprint so I can change out buildings, add ruins etc. to keep these boards as universal as possible. I painted and weathered some before I realized I had forgotten drains and sewers.

A test placement of the sewer and post.

  To remedy that, I made some to be cast and installed at a later time. I guess its good I have construction barriers planned then! Also starring in these pictures is my homemade street light. I'm going to cast the base, I just haven't decided if I should just cast the whole thing or not. It still needs some work, anyhow.

Go build something,
Papa Spanky


  1. Everything looks great together, I don't know if you have one planned or not but how about a fire hydrant.

  2. That looks great. Seeing your sewers etc trashcans might be a good idea.

  3. Yep guys both of those are planned. Heres the full menu of extras:
    trashcans/ dumpsters
    street signs
    traffic signs
    traffic light or two
    roadwork barricades
    Anything else you can think of?