Thursday, March 1, 2012

City infrastructure and zombie care costs

Sorry no pics this time, I will have some in the next post. Building the town of Gray Haven and feeding its zombie inhabitants is expensive, so I decided to sell some terrain to offset the costs. (like selling bonds for city development)
Actually, Ive been wanting to sell terrain on Etsy for a while, because quite honestly I'm tired of Ebay. So to that extent, I welcome you to view "Papa Spankys Terrain Emporium" !

(psst, its in the sidebar to the right.)

I will put up new terrain there as I make it, and that wont be on any schedule. I dont make terrain to sell it, I make terrain because I enjoy it and sell it later. My selection is limited right now, and I will probably have some Halloween props end up there as well, because thats something else I like to make.

Thanks for looking!
Papa Spanky

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