Saturday, May 19, 2012

First Gray Haven resident

Hey followers!
Sorry for the lack of updates, but its been busy, busy, busy. I spent some of March and all of April making sets for my daughters school. She was in the play of "Once on This Island Jr." and I put pictures of some of my work on my other blog. You can find the link on the side if you are interested.

Right then, Ive been bangin' together lots for the town of Gray Haven, painting buildings, getting stuff ready to cast, etc.  More updates will be forthcoming. Doing all of this work did show one flaw with my town. It had no residents! I decided to paint some up, but since the last 28mm I painted was nearly two years ago (!), I started off slowly.

Meet Hanna Jablonski (aka Hanna Fury)

Hanna is the 30 something owner of N.E.R.D. games. When zombies, vampires and other creatures  started showing up in town, Hannas secret wish had come true. Donning last years Gencon outfit and picking up twin PPKs, super hero Hanna Fury was born.

This is a Heroclix mini I stripped down and re-painted.  I wasn't really invested much in this mini so that why I warmed up my painting fingers on her, in case I bombed bad I wouldn't miss much. I think she turned out pretty good for a warm up.
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