Friday, June 1, 2012

Finished Shops for Gray Haven

Welcome back to another update! As you recall a few posts ago, I reviewed Demo's Laser Cut Design four Pack of Shops. Well, I finally got them painted up. Right now they are a bit empty, but they will acquire more furnishings over time. Ganger Maddie from the Eschers will be my stand in model for my pictures. (don't ask how she got out of the hive and into the past, shes sensitive about that...)

I arranged the buildings in a strip mall style, but varied the fronts. This is typical of towns in the Midwest that have older buildings re purposed into stores. The owners of each unit are free to make their store look how they want. I also did this to show that with a little work, you can make these boxy buildings really unique. I used acetate for windows and door glass.
The back of the mall. I haven't done much decorating here, as this sits right on the board edge. That strip on the ground is wide enough for a model, but that's about it.
The insides. I painted and weathered and even tried my hand at using scrapbook paper here.

This shop is the Good or Bad Pub. Watch out for the spirits. In this town, that could mean just about anything. I named it this because I have an idea that this could be used as a accorded neutral ground for supernaturals, humans and the like. It might make for a good storyline and a reason for sides to be fighting, like a truce meeting between vamps and werewolves that went bad, and it spilled out into the streets.
Anyway, I modded this building by simply putting a strip of brick styrene on the lower half.

Next in line is Non Electronic Rolled Dice Games . Owned by my so-far-only resident Hanna Jablonski, it is one of the few places in town were people can go to learn about the supernatural.
I did this building by adding a parapet and painting it with stone textured spray paint and many weathering washes. The parapet was made from the unused bases that came with the model. A word of caution with these buildings, (or any unsealed MDF)  I was pretty heavy handed with the liquid in the washes and swole up some of the MDF. This caused problems with the joints and the roof not fitting properly. I repaired it, but do be careful and learn from my mistake.

Nuclear Subs is up third. Stop in for a bite, just stay away from the hot peppers.
Again I modified this building with a simple strip of styrene brick, in a different type.

Lastly is Milas flowers. I was listening to a podcast called "Fetidus" and there was a character named Mila in it. I like it and used it, as it seemed a nice name for a flower shop owner.
This was the hardest modification of all four. I made a stepped parapet from the base material and had to fully cover two sides of the building with clap board styrene sheet, as this is a end unit.

As a parting shot, here are some of the details I'm working on. Flower bushes and potted mums for the flower shop. Mums? Yes, I decided I wanted Gray Haven to have a nice fall setting. Kind of a creepy time of year, perfect for all the nasties that will be around.
Time to go, before Maddie does some pruning with that chainsword. Thanks for looking!

Until next time,
Papa Spanky


  1. These turned out great, they look really different in the front.

  2. Excellent set of buildings, I'd shop there!

  3. They look awesome like how the buildings have been named and the background you have created for them. Nice bits of scenery with plant pots. I look forward to seeing what you do for the others

  4. Great job on those. I like how you varied each one. They make a very believable and visually interesting strip mall. "Accorded neutral ground", Jim Butcher fan? I love his Dresden series.

  5. Thanks guys! Yep Joe, Im a huge Dresden fan, and I always loved the bar idea. I had to "borrow" it!

  6. Great job on those! I've been looking at those buildings for a while for a zombie/near future type setting.

  7. Spectacular, really like the N.E.R.D. games shop!! :D