Sunday, June 3, 2012

10,000 Page view party!

I hit 10k in page views and to celebrate, I thought I would share some update pics with everyone. (OK really I didn't have anything else to share...)

I'm close to being finished with two more 2'x4' boards. I haven't put in the sewer covers or drains as they aren't cast yet, and I may re-sculpt them anyway. Here's the three all together...

...and with the buildings I've either finished or am working on.
The two buildings in the middle are the Police and Fire Departments.

A closer shot of where the strip mall in its location, and the unfinished decorative median in the street.

Lastly, I re-did the grassy knoll to make it more suitable for the fall seasoned theme this board will have.

Thanks for looking 10,000 times!!!
Papa Spanky


  1. Congratulations! That board looks great.

  2. Looks great the grassy knoll looks awesome

  3. That table looks great. The 3 boards together are excellent. The layout, sidewalks, streets, parking, all top stuff. The strip mall is just excellent. And a Fall theme seems perfect for your setting.

  4. WOW! Truly inspirational work. I really like the sidewalks.

  5. I really like how those tiles turned out. Beautiful work!

  6. Excellent board, this is something to be proud :D