Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fear the Full Moon

A while back I was looking around for a few things that go bump in the night for Gray Haven.  I happened upon the Bones section of Reaper miniatures, where I found this Guy.

Here he is in a a couple of shots all painted up.

Hanna makes a stand against the werewolf on the roof of her shop.
Now I'm going to do a review on this figure, because this model was really a treat. As I said before this is from Reaper minis in their Bones section. First off, this mini was $1.99. Yes that's right, $1.99!!! But wait a minute. On their site they advertise this as some sort of resin that you don't need to prime. Bah. I thought this was going to be some kinda finecrap, so I didn't get my hopes up. At a buck ninety nine though, I had to give it a shot. 
I received the the mini with a bunch of other things I ordered a few days later. (I should note here that this order was from FRP Games, not Reaper. )
I quickly opened the package and gave the model a once over. It was very nicely molded with zero mold lines and no visible bubbles. I then noticed it wasn't really a resin as it was kinda squishy. So did the next thing that popped in my head and dropped it on the concrete floor. Round 1 to the wolfman, as it survived without a ding. So then I threw him about 20 ft, landing him on a throw rug over concrete. Round two to the wolfman as he survived this also and I gained some respect for this miracle material. Did I mention that he was $1.99?
A few weeks later I washed him up for painting. No priming necessary is toted on the package so I didn't. Before his proper paintjob was given I tested a few materials. Everything stuck. Paint, washes, watered down paint, inks, dry powders, Everything. While painting him I noticed another great thing about the flexibility of the material, and that was I could move things like his arm or tail out of the way enough to get at the hard to reach spots. I really like this stuff!
Ok so let me sum it up:
Price- 10  ($1.99!! nuff said) 
Material -  10  (maybe I had a good batch but this stuff is impressive)
Availability- 8 ( yes this model is readily available, but the bones line is limited to fantasy so far and I really want to see the chronoscope line come out in this stuff. Really. Really. Badly.)

Let me know if you've tried Bones and what you thought. Questions and comments welcome as always.
 Thanks for reading, this was a wordy one. 


  1. Great looking Werewolf. Excellent paintjob and thanks for the heads-up about the sale. I picked him up along with a few other fantasy minis.

  2. Thanks Joe! Tell me what you think of the minis when they come in.

  3. I really like the Bones line so far, I bought almost the entire starting line direct from Reaper including the same Werewolf mini.

    1. I'm not a big fantasy guy, so the line has limited uses to me so far. But I do love the range and hope they expand into more modern minis.

    2. Meant to mention it in the original comment but I forgot, excellent paint job on your werewolf. I would also like it if they expanded into the Chronoscape range, maybe we should write them some emails.