Sunday, September 2, 2012

Streetlights, people (oh oh ohhhhh!)

Today I finished up some streetlights for my town. I originally was going to cast my own, but for my own sanity I decided to purchase and modify some of the plasticville ones.
 Heres what I did:
 I clipped off the plastic bases from each pole. After that I used a dremel to smooth down the rough edges left from the base. Once those were done, I went about epoxying magnets into each base of the lights (fortunately they were hollow). After they dried I drilled tiny holes in the sidewalks of the boards at predetermined areas, and glued magnets into those. This was the hardest part as you need to keep the orientation of the magnets correct so the don't accidentally end up repelling each other. A quick rusty wash and a dull coat finish and these were done.

I will cast several of my scratchbuild lightpoles to put on the main drag on the south end of town. I just thought the plasticville ones were more subtle and saved a ton of time!

That covers the streetlights; now for the people. Two more for the population sign.

This gentleman is Danny Ling. A retired army reservist, he has lived in Gray Haven since he was 7 and will defend his home from all threats- foreign, domestic and other worldly.
Another stock Foundry model, I hated this one at first but when the paint went on it really grew on me. 

This guy is Dmitri. Just Dmitri. I thought he might kill me if I asked anything else.
Another stock foundry with some birch seeds on the base. Made em from my own tree! Honestly I had trouble with a back story for him, so that's why his is kinda lame.

There was something else I wanted to show you guys, what was it...

Oh yeah I finished the massive Mysterious East building!

This an import- export business located right next door to the Hydracorp building, and it opened about 3 months after Hydracorp moved in. Coincidence?...
I thought this building/ business would do good to forward many pulp or horror story lines. Practically anything can show up in town from all over the world and now have a plausible reason. Sometime in the future I might do a basement to this building and have it connect to Hydracorp and an underground bunker/lab/facility. This would all be on a separate board of course!
The front office. clear acetate line the windows. 
The rear storage and shipping area. Frosted acetate back here so no one can really see in!
The roof is in two separate pieces, one for the front and one for the back. I made it that way because it was easy to build and now i can use it to hide the storage area from players if needed. 
The rear loading area. 
Those following along will remember this building was made from storage crates, like the Hydracorp one was. It was a bit more persnickety having difficult cuts for the L shape. 

 For my parting shot I give you Gray Haven in its unfinished glory. I added a few things that might become permanent for the shot. 

Don't stop believin'   
Papa Spanky



    Lovely, lovely work, as always, Papa Spanky. Inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your streetlight lessons (sounds like a prurient book title)!

    1. And thank you for not leaving my ridiculous humor hanging! You might find that book in the how-to or self help section!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks its coming along slowly but surely...

  3. Yea, amazing work there....inspiring me to start on my Supers city soon enough!

    1. Let me know when you do, I loves steal- er, seeing other peoples ideas!

  4. O my! That building is wonderfully done! Love the map and rest of details you've added.

    Don't count out Dmitri just yet, he just hasn't gotten around to telling you how he had previously lead a life as a Russian Mafia low level assassin, who moonlights as a male pole dancer during the quieter months. :P

    1. I was thinking about the Russian mobster idea as a back story,(great minds think alike) not so much about the other career though... but hey a guys gotta make a living.

  5. "Somewhere, In The Night-Oh-Ohhh!"

    Everything looks great Papa!!!

  6. Everything is so awesome looking, It makes me want my own Gray Haven! Keep it up.

  7. The lamposts and building are all fantastic. Figures are Copplestone Future War Militia fantastic figures

    1. DOH! correct sir, I will fix that right up. Thank you, I musta had Foundry on the brain for some reason.

  8. I feel the need the need to build a setup like this one. Inspiring. Keep it up and post as often as you can. I need to see more and more and more!!

    1. You are doing great Spanks!

      I am making a 3x3' Table for Tomorrow Black, in 15MM, and I have been keeping an eye on it is inspiring to see what serious cool people are doing, in any scale.