Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Cemetery aka the zombie playground

So this is where the zombies are all coming from! I finally decided on how to finish the one short board edge for Gray Haven. I was going to make a separate board in the future that was just a cemetery, but this worked out nice to put it here. On with the pictures!

Here is the overview shot. Lets look at the details a little closer...
Zooming in a bit on the left side, we see the main concentration of dead folk. The tree is removable for storage, and the gates are magnetized for storage or when they get smashed down in-game by the undead hordes.
Zooming in more we see the detailed weathering on the grave markers. I make full size prop headstones for Halloween, and these use some of the same methods for painting, only smaller.  
Back out and move to the right, and we find the entrance, some more dead folk and the entrance to the mausoleum.
Here's the mausoleum and the back part of the property. About this part of the board: I put the power module for the lighted sign (seen in a bit) inside the mausoleum. I was going to run the cord under the grass, but had forgotten about the pumpkin patch the crazy old groundskeeper had planted. I had to put in a electrical "drop" over the patch. I tried to hide/integrate it the best I could, I think the crows help. Why is there a casket out back? Maybe the groundskeeper has his garden tools in there. Or fertilizer...
This is the welcome sign that sits outside the cemetery. It lights up, that's why I needed the power cord run. The little mound and rock is there just as a natural element.
I took these two shots to help if you needed a little perspective.
The Grass is teddy bear fur, all the leaves, bushes, and vines are Woodland Scenics products. I used lots of Sil-for clump foliage as well as dyed birch seeds. I picked up the walls and fence at Menards during Halloween last year. The pumpkins are from JTT, the headstones are from Renedra and GW.
Questions and Comments are welcome!
Papa Spanky


  1. That is one amazing bit of scenery and deserves to be centre place not pushed away into the outskirts (though I understand why)
    As to questions: What is Menards and Sil and where did the mausoleum come from ?

    1. Sorry Zab, Menards is a do-it-yourself store in America. Silflor is a railroad grass scenic. Heres a link where I get mine. http://www.sceneryexpress.com/departments.asp?dept=1040
      Thanks for the compliment!

  2. That's just fantastic PS. I know it's Halloween when you start breaking out stuff like this. Looks like you're ready for an ATZ game.

  3. Almost. 2 more buildings to go, then the details: furniture, signs, stoplights, ect ect...

  4. Very lively colours, and very nicely painted. I really like this terrain piece.

  5. That looks awesome great idea with the magnets in the gate. Will have to try and remember that one. Any chance of a night time shot of it lit up?

    1. When its all done. Im thinking of wiring the Mausoleum with a flicker led, becasue right now the only thing that lights is the sign.

  6. It looks delightful, a wonderful place for a picnic....of brains. I wish my terrain looked half as good.

    Is that grass made out of teddy bear fur?

  7. Thanks man! Yep thats teddy bear fur.