Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gray Havens Finest

I finished up the police officers the other day. I really like these models, my only complaint is they all have Corpral or Sergent stripes on the sleeves, and I had planned on painting one up as a Lieutenant to be the supervisor. I didnt notice this until I was sell underway painting. Oh well.
Two more buildings will complete this town, its taking me forever and I really want to get done.
Till next Time,
Papa Spanky


  1. They look great. Some of my favourite Police miniatures. The bases are excellent.

    1. Thanks Simon, the bases were a quick last minute decision. I was pleased at the way they turned out also, glad you liked them.

  2. Yeah the bases really sell these. Great choice for cops!

  3. The stripes wouldn't bother me at all, the giures look great .

  4. My brother is a police Lieutenant, that is not something that would be allowed as an oversite!