Monday, January 6, 2014

Hardware and Halloween

Despite not having posted a regular update, I have been pretty busy hobby-wise. Today I present to you the last three buildings for Gray Haven.

These are the "Value Hardware and Sporting goods" and "Halloween 24/7". Sorry for the bad pic, lighting was horrible and the flash ruined most of the others.
Anyway, the Hardware store is an Ameritown police station and the Halloween store is a converted Plasticville firehouse.
The front of the Halloween store with the giant spider decoration and the riot cop and zombie costumes on display. I sculpted the pumpkin for the sign and the foam scrapbook letters were placed crooked intentionally. (honest!)
Some of you keen eyes might have noticed the stop sign in the first picture. Here are examples of a few more.
I purchase these from Scale Like Industries, you can find them here:
They are really nice signs printed on thin styrene. A few words of caution working with them though:
-Seal them first if you mask them off for any reason. I ruined my first batch of these with a liquid latex mask when I painted the backs of the signs.
-Too much styrene glue will melt/ warp them. This could be good or bad depending on the effect you want to create.
What else? I have corn. Yep corn.
These will be combined with pumpkins and hay bails for fall decor around town. I had to spray these with Army Painter desert yellow because they are supposed to be modeled as a live crop.
On the actual playing games side of things I got a lot of games of Zombicide in with some co-workers, played a few games of Operation Flashpoint with the family.
 I picked up three copies of X-wing that were on sale at 60% off and will be posting about that, I will have some examples of my castings I finally did, and will post/talk Deadzone in the next few days, so don't touch  that dial!
Papa Spanky


  1. I like the look of that corn - could use for some crops for Farmer Maggot in LOTR Hobbiton :-) Thanks for the link

  2. I love your Gray Haven table so much. You've done an excellent job on it and the work really shows.

    1. Thanks Chris, it has been a labor of love for me, so I'm glad it shows.

  3. Great new additions to Gray Haven and a Xmas bonus too getting in some games.