Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gaming table conundrum

OK so I have been thinking about building a table for a while, but I have not been able to decide on a solid plan yet. I keep going back and forth on some key design points and now I'd like to hear your ideas.
Here's what I am set on:
The table having its own support.
The table having a 3" ledge around it so terrain can go subterranean as well above ground.

Here's what I'm having trouble with:
Permanet vs collapsable tables

  • sturdy
  • can have storage under it
  • is set up and ready to go for a game


  • Can be in the way and is difficult to move
  • Is set up and ready for my wife to pile Christmas wrap/clothes/ craft stuff on



  • Can be stored or moved out of the way
  • No temptation to use it for storage


  • More difficult to build
  • has to be set up before gaming
  • no storage

My other issue I face is size. To me 4ft across is too small, especially with 12" deployment zones, but it seems to be the standard. So 4X6? Well what if I want a larger game, do I make the table expandable to 4x8 or 6x8? This brings me to ask: what about making a side of the board 5ft? reaching to the center of a board 6ft across can be arduous at best, a 5x8 ft board is much more manageable for large games. If I did this, what would be the dimensions of the board not expanded? 4x5 or 5x6? And why are odd board sizes are blasphemy to the Emporers STC of game tables?

I look forward to hear anything you might have to say on this subject.



  1. My idea is to make it 5x6.

    Why? So each side can have a 6" lower board to put their minis on. You don't have to worry about putting your minis away and it can be the graveyard of dead minis and you can also put them on the lower board to remind you of your reserve. Plus, you can put your drinks there too!

    What I'm thinking is something like this:

    ___Gaming Table_____
    Minis | ^
    Here | 6" of height
    __________| v
    <6" across>

    Get the idea? If you want to have a bigger game, just make another table so you can bring it closer and join it.

  2. Oh man, it didn't turn out as I typed it...

  3. No, I follow what your sayin'. Add a 6" trough or ledge for minis not in the game and drinks that don't belong on the table.

  4. You're welcome, when I move out of this hostel and buy my own home, I'm gonna build myself a table too... That is if I'm skillful enough...