Sunday, August 23, 2009

If Orks went to school in the fall...

This would be their big yellow bus!

Ok, It would probably be a battlewagon, but since I didn't just finish one of those I guess this will have to do.
Anyway, HURRAY! I finished it! Its magnetized pretty extensively so a lot of parts are poseable, I have his CC arm in a casual position in the above picture.

Here I moved it into more of a guard position.

And here is the WAAAAAGH! or attack position.

these are the structure point markers I made, painted to look like fire and smoke. As I said before in an earlier post, I think these will come in handy when the bullets start flying...

The three rockets, since they are a one shot weapon, simply remove one when you fire it, so its easy to keep track of your shots.

All of these parts are magnetized, making storage a little easier.
This was a great model to build, I had a lot of fun with it. Its size caused far more painting procrastination than I anticipated, but I got through it.
What I didn't do:
Grots- I left them off, just a personal preference (da mekboy has uver plans for dems anyway)
modifications- just the eyes really, this model didn't need much.

What I wish I'd done:
Magnetize the shoulder big shooter.
Make the back door open with hinges and a removable ladder. (its not on now at all, the way the ladder looked bothered me).

Thats all for now, comments always welcome!

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